BT900-US Series
Smart Dongle

Bluetooth Dongle
BT900 US Series Intelligent USB BTv4.0 dual mode Dongle


The BT900-US-03 is an intelligent USB BTv4.0 dual mode dongle featuring smartBASIC. This USB dongle has been developed to take advantage of the BT900-SA module, providing a simple and easy way to add Classic Bluetooth, BLE central and BLE peripheral mode to virtually any operating system with a USB interface. Leverage the BT900-US to enable any Bluetooth SPP device or BLE sensor to communicate to any PC, laptop or mobile computer without any complicated installation or software support requirements. With the BT900-US Bluetooth dongle, no external Bluetooth stack or drivers are required. It support operating systems such as Windows, Windows Embedded, MAC OSx, Linux android and HW Subsystem Bluetooth Declaration ID and FCC / IC / CE approvals.

BBT900-SA Module
smartBASIC Language

Bluetooth Dongle PCB Board
BT900-SA Module integrates into any OEM Device

Wireless Protocol


  • Small, smart and simple
  • Bluetooth v4.0 dual mode (BT and BLE)
  • Broad range of hardware interfaces - UART, I²C, SPI, ADC, GPIO
  • smartBASIC powers rapid design and deployment
  • Supports SPP and any BLE Peripheral or Central roles
  • Supports simultaneous BT and BLE connections
  • Hostless operation - No need for external MCU, reducing overall BOM
  • Global approval
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