Ravenspurn ST2
& CMR Electronics

Ravenspurn ST2 was one of two unmanned production platforms associated with the Cleeton Field and British Petroleum's Southern North Sea Gas Project. Located in UK Block 42/29. The development consisted of a large manned central processing platform and two small production platforms, ST2 & ST3.

The field no longer produces and now acts as a gathering hub for onward transportation to the Easington Gas Processing Terminal, approximately 20 miles east of Hull. Gas now flows via ST2 from the Norwegian and other sectors.
Remote operation and monitoring was achieved using satellite telemetry via the Cleaton platform from a small Radio Shack and communications mast adjacent BP Dimlington's Control Room.

The platform and onshore  radio and satellite communications equipment racks together with entertainment and news media hubs. Public Address & General Alarm (PAGA). Surveillance Equipment, Security Systems and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) were designed and assembled at CMR Electronics. Unit 1, 2 & 3.

British Petroleum - Factory Acceptance Tests.
FAT's were conducted on the coupled and completed systems racks at Unit's 1, 2 & 3 before being disassembled, crated, weighed and shipped overland to Wallsend, Middlesborough and Easington.

Ravenspurn ST 2 CMR Electronics
Platform Ravenspurn ST 2

CMR Electronics Onshore

Onshore installation and reassembly of the equipment racks and their field components into their designated areas on the platforms took place in a shipyard at Wallsend (ST2, ST3) before being shipped offshore to the Southern North Sea Block.

Stringent Quality Assurance QA tests and checks were carried out at Wallsend. Security for Worldwide Offshore Oil and Natural Gas Operations; Certification Documentation. From a 0.5mm cable ferrule to the helidecks Non-directional Radio Beacon. Each installed equipment rack, cable and component was individually inspected, tested, pre-commissioned and certified.

The NDB antenna, encircled the perimeter of the Helideck and was installed beneath the safety net. Both termination & QA of the antenna and antenna's RF connectors where carried out by hanging basket, slowly slewed by crane round the outer circumference of the overhanging Helipad.

Onshore completion of each platform saw the structure being weighed with an array of load cells before being moved to the River Tyne quayside. Carried atop remotely controlled multi-wheeled flatbeds and slowly inched onto a finely ballasted ocean going barge. With the platform welded to the deck and all ancilliary equipment needed for offshore Hook-up stowed in strategically placed containers. The barge and it's precious cargo was towed down the Tyne and out into the North Sea were its anchored jacket awaited.

All of this equipment, including the platforms original use, has now been decommissioned and replaced with more intelligent systems. With the Cleaton Field now depleted, the original use of the platform has changed along with it's technology. Now no more than a multi port valve for a vast offshore storage and gas relay system, feeding a one metre diameter pipeline covering nearly the entire length and breadth of the UK.

Shell / Esso 49/24L
Gas Platform

The Shell / Esso Gas Platform 49/24L among others has been dismantled and recycled in close proximity to the yard where she was built on the Tyne and by the same men who built her. It was the subject of a BBC Documentary first shown 22 July 2012.
Engineering Giants Episode 2 - Gas Rig Strip-down.
It describes the De-commissioning and removal of the platform to its original berth at Wallsend in Newcastle. As the gas platform is stripped down, these engineers reveal the secrets of this vital part of our energy supplies, but they also reveal the emotional bonds to the engineering marvel that formed such an important part of their lives.

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