Energenie Hub MIH0001

The MIHO001 Gateway provides the communications between MiHome devices and the internet. The MiHome system enables you to control your heating, lighting and appliances over the internet anywhere in the world. The MiHome Gate is the centre point of the MiHome system. It is powered by a 5 volt micro-usb power supply and connects to your router via an ethernet cable. Both the ethernet cable and the power supply are included with the gateway. The Gateway enables you to control all the MiHome actuators via an iOS and Android App as well as via a web browser.

MiHome Heating
Radiator Control

Package Contents: 3 Number eTRV Radiator Valve

MIH0029 Description

The mi0029 MiHome heating bundle consists of 3 radiator valves and 1 MiHome Gateway.
Each eTRV controls a radiator valve to regulate the heating in the room, based on timed programmes, set temperatures.
The Radiator Valves can be used with other features such as programmes. This means you are able to to set the required radiator valve to a specific temperature and a specific time on your settings in the App.
As well as timers the Radiator Valves can be controlled with IFTTT, this allows you to turn them on using the weather, ESPN, facebook and other Social Media sites. It also means they can be used in conjunction with the Phillips Hue and Nest.

MiHome0029 eTRVMIH0029 eTRV